Peer Mentors

GA Anti Bullying Ambassadors 0

Anti Bullying week was a very busy week for the Gateway Academy Peer Mentors, as they visited primaries within the Gateway Learning Community, to deliver the important message of ‘Standing up to bullying’!

The Academy Peer Mentors visited the younger pupils and joined in with the anti bullying activities planned for the week. This included speaking to the younger pupils during assembly about this very important topic, as well as informing them about their role as Peer Mentors in Gateway and the essential provision this provides.

All of the primary schools commented on what positive role models and ambassadors they were, showing qualities such as kindness, thoughtfulness and consideration.

Mrs Michelle Hobbs, Assistant Inclusion Manager at the Gateway Primary Free School, said “I must pass on how impressed we all were with the lovely young people that came to help promote Anti Bullying week. They were all very willing to get involved with our activities and even stood in front of the classes to present to the children with confidence their role within the Academy. They were great ambassadors of their school and indeed the good work that they do to keep the Academy a safe and happy environment for the students.”