Meet the Team

Nathan Hunnisett
Vice Principal
Ethos & Culture

B.Ed (Hons) Physical  Education (St Marks and St John’s University)
Diploma in Performance Coaching

Key priorities: to develop and sustain a positive Ethos and Culture; maintain good order; to create and develop students who want to learn and progress; To build positivity across the school; Child  protection and safeguarding; develop the Academies coaching, providing training and support; Ensuring the well-being of students and supporting the most vulnerable; Additional learning provision.

Hunnisett, Nathan

Julian Moruzzi
Assistant Principal
Ethos & Culture

MA Educational Leadership (Warwick University) (Hons) Web Programming (University of Wales)
PGCE Mathematics/ICT
NPQML Teaching Leaders Fellow 

Key priorities: Building positivity through Rewards; To maintain good order; driving ethos through a competitive college based system; Attendance and punctuality; admission applications; Safety of students; NPQML/ NPQSL training; oversee the pastoral coaching system; well-being of students.

Moruzzi, Julian

Megan Koprash
Associate Assistant Principal
Ethos & Culture

MA Educational Leadership (Warwick University)
Bachelor of Arts (English) Lakehead University Ontario Canada
B.Ed. (Hons) Bachelor of Education Lakehead University Ontario Canada
Graduate Teaching Leaders Fellow (2 Year Course)

Key priorities: Building positivity through the training and development of Student Leadership Programme; driving ethos through strategies to engage whole school student voice; leading staff well-being initiatives and activities; Jack Petchey Coordinator; Teacher of English; Driving student-led initiatives in areas such as learning, well-being of students, C4C, community/charity work as well as project linked to developing a greener community.

Koprash, Megan