Meet the Inclusion Team

Nathan Hunnisett
Vice Principal
Ethos & Culture

B.Ed (Hons) Physical  Education (St Marks and St John’s University)
Diploma in Performance Coaching

Key priorities: to develop and sustain a positive Ethos and Culture; maintain good order; to create and develop students who want to learn and progress; To build positivity across the school; Child  protection and safeguarding; develop the Academies coaching, providing training and support; Ensuring the well-being of students and supporting the most vulnerable; Additional learning provision.

Hunnisett, Nathan

Julian Moruzzi
Assistant Principal
Ethos & Culture

MA Educational Leadership (Warwick University) (Hons) Web Programming (University of Wales)
PGCE Mathematics/ICT
NPQML Teaching Leaders Fellow 

Key priorities: Building positivity through Rewards; To maintain good order; driving ethos through a competitive college based system; Attendance and punctuality; admission applications; Safety of students; NPQML/ NPQSL training; oversee the pastoral coaching system; well-being of students.

Moruzzi, Julian