Pride College Photographs Updated

Head of College -   Mercedes Foy

Mercedes has the whole school responsibility of monitoring Violence against women and girls across the Academy.

The Pride members are constantly striving to work hard and always improve upon our best. Through positive working relationships, we aim to make the weather for everyone in our school and community. With the support and encouragement of our team, we aim to inspire our students to be proud of their efforts, successes, form, college, culture, family, and history. 

From all of our students, we wish for them to…

Endeavour - Be ambitious and try new challenges.
Integrity - Show integrity in making the right choices even when they are not easy to make.
Respect - Respect themselves by respecting and learning from others.

You can contact us by using the following methods:

Telephone: 01375 489019

P1 Amanda Brenchley 
P2 Ute Steenkamp
P3 Becky Meade
P4 Andrea Chalmers
P5 Kim Hardey
P6 Rachel Hodgson
P7 Joy Dosoo
P8 Ekua Akumanyi
P9 Caroline Chibandi

Head of College: Mercedes Foy
Lead coach: TBC
Coach: Anne Wright  
Coach: Jamie Earp