All Stars

All Stars 2016-17

Head of College – James Emblem

James has the whole school responsibility of monitoring E-safety across the Academy.

Our motto is ‘Reach for the Stars’ – by improving upon our best there is no limit to our successes; both individually and as a College.  We aim to inspire our young people to make a valuable contribution to their Form, the College and the Academy, before making their mark in society.   Every form will be working towards our 'Form of the Week' award.  Each and every student and member of staff encouraging one another to be the very best they can be.  It is only by working as teams, be they Form or College teams, that we can aspire to be ‘Simply the Best’.

You can contact us by using the following methods:

Telephone: 01375 489042
Head of College Mobile: 07507 877175


A1 Caitlyn Johnson
A2 Catherine Hudson
A3 Kelsey Flynn
A4 Jo Thomasson 
A5 James Sanger 
A6 Arno Grobbelaar 
A7 Robert Murzyn
A8 Tracey Earey
A9 Delia Webster

Head of College: James Emblem
Lead coach: Clair Bettle
Coach: Louise Smith
Coach: Michaela Moon

See our many trophies below!

All Stars Trophies