Non-Violent Resistance programme for parents

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The Parental Presence programme for parents is a 10-week non-accredited group course delivered over 20 hours.  The programme seeks to familiarise carers, parents and grand-parents with the principles of Non-Violent Resistance so that they are able to resist their child’s abusive, disruptive or violent behaviour: 

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Each week, the programme aims not to change the child but the parent’s attitude towards their child.  If parents are able to practice the 6 pillars of NVR (illustrated above) then their relationship with their child improves.  Improved relations gives parents confidence to positively parent their child whose behaviour invariable improves.  In NVR terminology, the parent’s presence in their child’s life is raised by re-building their relationship.

Ormiston Families has been piloting this approach following training from Partnership Projects, currently the only training organisation in the UK which is accredited by the NVR school in Tel Aviv, Israel.  Initial results from the evaluation of 5 pilots across East Anglia indicates at least a positive 2-scale change in 3 indicators as measured through a Subjective Unit of Disturbance Scale (SUDS) undertaken at the start, middle and end of the programme.  Feedback on the quality of facilitation is also universally high among graduate parents.

Parental Presence is in its infancy at the moment but Ormiston Families intends to grow this provision across our Engage (Schools), Connect (Mental Health, Parenting and Domestic Abuse) and Unite (Prisons) Programmes as well as making it available to external commissioners.

For more information about this or any other support group offered by Ormiston Families, please contact Mrs Helen Ellis on 07867 385162. Helen can also be contacted via email: