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we aim to praise the good behaviour of our students. The Gateway Academy will support those students who make good choices through a system of rewards that is designed to provide a framework of consistency which recognises success and promotes positive attitudes and engagement both in lessons, around the Academy and in the community. Rewards for you (R4U) is a points system designed to recognise and celebrate students good attitude to learning. There are a range of rewards for students including: trips; prize draws; small ongoing prizes; certificates; commendation letters; access to The Gateway Academy games room; canteen queue jumps; celebration evenings; special lunches in the canteen; VIP cards with benefits etc. The criteria for awarding R4U points within the class and during their Progress and Development [PAD] sessions.


Description Points Description Points
Being Resilient  5 100% Attendance for each half term 10
Working Hard 5 100% Attendance for each term 15
Showing Respect 5 Golden ticket reward 20
Having Ambition 5 Head of school award 15
Having self-belief 5 Success selfie board 5
Showing gratitude 5 Academy challenge award 5
Valuing learning 5 Community contribution 6
Pride 5 PE/Dance Kit 1




In each Faculty around The Gateway Academy, there is a Success Selfie Board. These boards allow staff every half-term to reward students with points under one of the categories. The staff will take a selfie with that student and post it on the board. The Head of Faculty is responsible for ensuring selfies are updated every half term.

Success Selfie – Being resilient

Success Selfie – Working hard

Success Selfie – Showing respect

Success Selfie – Having self-belief

Success Selfie – Showing Gratitude

Success Selfie – Pride


Each member of staff nominates a student weekly who has demonstrated ‘excellence’ inside or out of school. The Head of School selects the weekly winner who is tannoyed, gets a positive letter home and receives positive points.


Each member of staff is invited to award one Golden Ticket during the course of the academic year. The criteria for awarding a ticket is that the student must be consistently ‘improving upon their best’, or do something that is ‘exceptional’. If this is the case, a student is given a Golden Ticket and they must exchange part of the ticket with the Head of School for an award and place part of the ticket in the golden box located in the canteen for the chance to win a prize. The name and a photograph of each student who gains a Golden Ticket will be on show in the canteen and a letter congratulating the student is sent home. Please note, this award is not for students who do not constantly meet the expectations of the Academy, however if a student makes a significant turnaround in their attitudes to learning they will be considered. In addition every half term, on a week 5 there will be open nominations for ‘Golden Ticket’ awards, selection will be made by the Student Engagement Team the following week.


Each subject area will nominate two students per year group to receive a suject badge each term, one for academic excellence and one for academic progress. Overall the ‘top’ ten students who make academic attainment and academic ‘progress’ in each year group will receive trophies every term. This will be based on the data from the student dashboards and from teacher input.


Students are encouraged to support their Academy and community. Students who ‘go above and beyond’ demonstrating care and supporting others will be awarded positive points.


We advocate for students to play an active role in their year group and feel part of the Gateway ‘family’. There are a diverse range of events throughout the academic year for students to get involved in. Students are awarded individual points for participation which go toward the R4U reward system.


All staff are expected to take every opportunity to praise individual student achievements and to celebrate success. This is to promote the values and ethos that the GLC cherish. On a weekly basis during PAD, the teacher will talk with their students to inform them of the points they have accrued. This will be repeated on a two weekly cycle. Other mediums for communicating and celebrating students achievements include year group and whole Academy assemblies, student displays including ‘selfie’ boards, top 20 highest achievers academic success badges and trophies.