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Our system of rewards is designed to provide a framework of consistency throughout the year, which encourages students to do the right thing.

Rewards Systems

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The Gateway Academy recognises that students who do the right thing on a daily basis may not always get rewarded. Through a system called R4U we can make sure that every student is rewarded for doing the right thing, for succeeding, for their punctuality and attendance

The R4U points system is designed to reward students at various levels throughout the academic year giving them access to school trips, exciting prize draws, small ongoing prizes, certificates, letters, access to a games room on site, canteen queue jumps, presentation evenings, special lunches in the canteen and VIP cards with benefits.

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The criteria for awarding R4U points within the class and during their RTL/PAD sessions:

  • Daily Uniform and equipment check
  • Showing respect
  • Working together
  • Enthusiasm for learning
  • Integrity/honesty
  • Being fair
  • Never giving up
  • Modelling school values
  • Outstanding homework
  • Early hand in of homework
  • Tutor Homework
  • Correct PE kit
  • Outstanding classwork
  • Weekly 100% attendance/punctuality check

Additional Points are available for the following:

  • Taking part in an inter-college activity
  • Attending extra curricula clubs
  • Attending intervention
  • Winning inter college activity
  • Taking part in a college challenge
  • Winning a college challenge
  • Representing the school at a sporting event
  • Never giving up
  • Supporting the community
  • Reading reward
  • Numeracy reward
  • Carrying out a peer mentor duty
  • Reading book tutor point
  • Mentoring another student
  • Man of the match
  • Student runner
  • Tutor selfie
  • Helping at parents/open evening
  • Representing the borough in a sporting activity
  • 100% attendance H/T
  • 100% attendance term
  • Head of School's reward weekly
  • Progress rewards H/T

Success selfie Board

In each faculty around the school there is a success selfie board. These boards allow staff every half term to reward students with points under one of the categories. The staff will take a selfie with that student and post it on the board:

  • Success selfie – Doesn’t give up on a task
  • Success selfie – Believes in themselves
  • Success selfie – Had a positive attitude
  • Success selfie – Embraces challenge
  • Success Selfie – Takes risks as a learner
  • Success Selfie – Learns from feedback
  • Success Selfie – Effort leads to success


As part of the R4U system, students will all receive a passport. The passport allows students to take part in a series of challenges to earn more points for the rewards system and to access further prize draws. Some of the challenges include:

  • Holding the door open for four different adults
  • Attending 3 Intervention sessions
  • Volunteer to support a member of staff at a school event
  • Take part in open evening
  • Complete a student survey
  • Represent the academy in the student leadership team
  • Arrive on time for a term

And many more. There are over 60 challenges in each year group passport all differentiated for that year group. Students can gain bonus point when they complete 35, 45 and 55 challenges:

  • Bonus boints 1 – 10 points
  • Bonus points 2 – 20 points
  • Bonus points 3 – 30 points

Other than the bonus points all achievements are either of a 1 or 2 point value. This allows us to create a competition between colleges as when a student gains a negative point (which is also only a 1 or 2 point value) the student is given a net value. This net value is added up and forms our college point system which is updated daily and shown across the school on the TV screens/PAD session PowerPoints and also on the Academy’s website.

R4U Points are not awarded in response to student requests or in exchange for good behaviour.

The Golden Ticket

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Further to the R4U point system we have also added an extra award. The golden ticket can be given by a teacher, once in an academic year. The criteria for giving this ticket is that the students must be simply ‘Amazing’. If this is the case, a student is given a golden ticket and they must exchange part of the ticket with the Head of School for an award and they will also place part of the ticket in the golden box found in the canteen for the chance to win some fantastic prizes. The students who gain a golden ticket will be on show in the canteen for everyone to see.

Further information

The R4U system is communicated throughout the school and is a system which staff must use before the negative behaviour system. Staff are monitored to ensure the ratio of positive to negative is 4:1 or higher. This ensure the ethos and feel of the Academy stays positive. The R4U system is marketed all around the Academy from the selfie boards to the posters advertising the prizes. In the canteen there is a wall showcasing the top achievers.