Second Year Teaching Programme (SYT)


As a next step in career development, all NQTs will move to the second year teacher programme to carry on their continual professional development by reaching consistently good in their teaching practice and meet and exceed the teaching professional standards.

Outline of programme:

  • All SYTs and NQT mentors will complete a training needs analysis at the end of the NQT year to identify strengths and areas for development.
  • SYT/Coach/PCM meet for initial meeting and set targets for Term 1 this is then reviewed and built on in terms 2 and 3 by Coach and SYT.
  • SYTs will meet with coach every three weeks to check in and review progress.
  • Cohort of SYTs will meet once a month to work on projects/action research that will assist in moving to consistently good and raise profile within academy. (Research can be documented and placed in Hub).
  • Cohort of SYT’s will meet as a group during CPD pathway Wednesdays for professional dialogue and sharing of best practice.


  • SYTs will be expected to have two observations per half term with feedback.
  • SYTs will be expected to take part in peer observations.
  • SYTs will be expected to use IRIS in practice and highlight best practice.
  • Each SYT will keep a section within their PDP folder that contains minutes, action plans and observations undertaken in SYT year as evidence to move to next level of CPD pathways programme.


  • SYTs will be teaching at consistently good and moving to outstanding by the end of the academic year.
  • SYTs will be taking an active role in the sharing of best practice.
  • SYTs will move towards being mentors/coaches within the academy in year 3.

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