Surprise, Surprise!

The Gateway Academy’s Student Leadership team took time to celebrate the great contribution students, staff and even parents have made over time. Based on the hit TV show ‘Surprise, Surprise’, the Student Community Leaders decided to create their very own version.

The first surprise on the agenda was for a Year 8 student, Nadene, who was nominated for always ‘doing the right thing and being a great friend and support.’ She was presented with various goodies of her favourite band, One Direction, including vouchers to go and see them on tour.

The next surprise was for Inclusion Leader of Pride College, Mrs Whitbread, whose bucket list included a sky dive!  She was nominated by a Year 7 student who said that she is ‘one of the few people that really ‘get me’. I want to put her forward for always helping me out.’

But the showering of gifts didn’t stop there…

The Student Leadership team received a heartfelt letter, written by Chibbs, a student in KS3 at the Academy. His words were that his dad ‘was a true inspiration who had taught him never to give up in life.’ The letter was a sure-fire winner and so the plot was set to get Mr Udeh on site to deliver special messages from all three of his boys, all students at the Academy, and to be awarded the trainers that he had always wanted.

Head of the Student Leadership team, Miss Megan Koprash, said “It was a lovely day showing kindness and thanks to those who make a difference to our school community! It was a very fun and rewarding day and we hope to repeat this on a termly basis to bring joy and happiness to those who deserve it most!”

GA Udeh boys GA Mr Udeh
GA Claire Whitbread GA One Direction