Transition for new Year 7 intake

We welcome students to take part on our Transition Survey 2017, click here to enter. Parents can also give their views and opinions, click here to enter.

Transition arrangements for this year will be from Monday 10 July until Tuesday 25 July. For Non-GLC pupils, transition will end on Friday 21 July.

Year 6 and 7 teachers will work together, in classrooms at the Gateway Academy, with the young people to ensure that the progress made during Year 6 is built upon and sustained.  

This system of transition will ensure that your child starts the summer holiday fully prepared and confident to start Year 7 in September.   We expect that this initiative will have a significant impact in raising standards of attainment and will help your child, in the longer term, to achieve their full potential.


  • Thursday 6 July between 5pm until 7pm the Gateway Academy will be hosting a Transition Information Evening for Pupils and Parent/Carers to discuss any concerns or issues regarding transition and also to bring along any forms that have not yet been returned. The evening will be hosted in the Library at the Gateway Academy. Click here for more information
  • From Monday 10 July 2017, all Year 6 pupils will attend the Gateway Academy from 8.15am – 2.25pm (they should go directly to the Gateway Academy and not to their primary school). Members of staff will be on hand to direct them where to go when they arrive;
  • Pupils will be registered by their Year 6 teacher;
  • All pupils will be expected to wear their primary school uniform; jewellery should be kept to a minimum.
  • On the first day, they will be given a lesson timetable which will indicate when they will need to bring their PE kit etc. (they will not be expected to bring this on the first day).
  • Mobile phones can only be used during breaks.  Pupils who do not follow our behaviour policy will receive appropriate sanctions.
  • Pupils can bring a packed lunch, or can purchase a school meal with cash. Meals will be provided for those pupils entitled to a free school meal. (Cashless vending cards will be issued to new Year 7 students on their return in September).
  • It is very important that you should collect your child from the Gateway Academy courtyard gates at the end of the day 2.25pm (Please note for the period of transition, this is 10 minutes earlier than all other year groups which is 2:35pm).
  • Thursday 13 July – Pupils’ and Parents’ meet their Tutor and Heads of College Evening – 5:30pm until 6:30pm.

Uniform can be ordered and paid for on the following dates:

  • Monday 19 June 2017  -  3pm until 5pm – Students with surnames between ‘A’ to ‘L’
  • Tuesday 20  June  2017 – 3pm until 5pm – Students with surnames between ‘M’ TO ‘Z’
  • Thursday 13 July 2017 – 2.45pm until 5pm – [For those unable to attend the above dates]

All uniform orders will be available for collection only during the last week of the Summer Holidays from Tuesday 29 August until Friday 1 September between 10am until 2pm.

To see our full list of uniform guidance, click here to view. For more information and to download any letters relating to transition, click here to view.

Please be aware that we will require full payment for your child’s uniform on the day of ordering. Payment can be made in the form of cash or debit/credit card.

Frequently asked questions about Transition:

Q - What time do students start and finish school?  
A – Start at 8:15am and finish at 2:25pm for the duration of transition.

Q – Where do I meet my child?
A – At the Courtyard Gates where students are dispersed at the end of the day.

Q – What class will my child be in?
A – For the duration of Transition students will be in their primary class groups and follow the school timetable.

Q –What time do students have their breaks?
A - KS3 (Years 7 and 8) 10:25am until 10:45am and 13:10pm – 13:35pm

Q - When are students allowed to go to the toilet?
A - During break and lunch times unless they have a medical pass

Q – What are the arrangements for lunch?
A – Students can bring a packed lunch or purchase hot or cold food from the courtyard café. Students on free school meals should make themselves known to a member of the canteen staff to collect and in September students will be issued with a card that can be topped up in school or via ParentPay to purchase food.

Q – Is my child allowed to carry and use a mobile phone?
A – Yes but only during break and lunch times and in designated areas.

Q – What will happen if my child uses their phone outside of these times?
A – The phone will be confiscated and taken to student services where students can pick it up at the end of the day.

Q - What if my child feels unwell?
A – They should go to student services and be assessed by a first aider, if necessary a phone call will be made home.  

Q – What should my child wear during transition?
A – Full uniform from their primary school.

Q – What equipment will my child need?
A – Pen, pencil and ruler as a minimum preferably in a pencil case. Students will know on what day PE kit is needed via their timetable.                                                                                                                                                             

Q - What if my child has problems settling in or issues with other students?
A – Inform your child’s College Office, a member of staff will investigate to see if there is a problem and keep you informed.

Q – When can I meet my child’s new tutor?
A –  There is a meeting on Thursday 13 July from 5:30pm until 6:30pm for parents and pupils to meet their Head of College and their new tutor.