Thurrock's Next Top Boss 2015

Over the past four months, seven students in the Gateway Academy’s Student Leadership Team have been working relentlessly to create a business plan to improve the water usage in Thurrock. With their main audience being teens, students have developed an ‘Eco-Cr8’ which they feel will promote the use of less water in our households. 

Emily, a Year 10 student, also engineered an incredible ‘H2Oothbrush’, which is one of the main items in the Eco-cr8. It is a toothbrush that you fill up one end with the amount of water needed, and it will trickle to the brush for you - thus saving water from ongoing running taps!

The team also decided to include dry shampoo and hand sanitizer in their cr8 to suggest that the hours spent washing hair and hands could be saved with other products.

Lead teacher for the Student Leadership Team, Miss Megan Koprash, said “I am really proud of the students and the ideas they have come up with.  We have entered our business plan into this year’s Thurrock’s Next Top Boss Green Solution Project.  Whether we win or not, I feel that the lessons that the students have learned about teamwork, cooperation, time management, business planning and branding are invaluable.” See their presentation below...