Girl Power!

GA Girl Power 5

Ten fabulous students from The Gateway Academy were recently invited by London organisation, ‘Rocking Ur Teens’ to a day full of motivational anecdotal speakers who are examples of women’s achievement in journalism, media, engineering and outstanding contributions made by young volunteers. This was a fitting finale to the International Women’s Day events that were held at the Academy earlier on that week.

The students made their way through London trains and the very busy underground in search of Canary Wharf! The tall sparkling buildings, swanky restaurants and trendy people were just the beginning of a fun and inspirational day. Miss Jolene McManus, Head of Phoenix College, organised this dynamic and moving experience for ten amazing young girls.

Students and staff quickly found their way to the Thomson Reuters building where they were welcomed by a swinging door; “I’ve always wanted to go in one of these!” shared students with excitement about what was to come.

Teacher Miss Megan Koprash, said “Our girls were an example of true integrity and respect. They listened, contributed and made mental notes on how to better themselves. Guest speakers such as the Mandeville Sisters, V-Bloggers and Youtube Success story, were among many speeches that will be forever engrained in the girls’ minds. I hope that the trip to Canary Wharf and exposure to great women will spur them on to be bold with their future choices. Our girls need to be confident to go out and grab opportunities.”

Miss Jolene McManus, who organised the dynamic and moving experience for the girls said, “I’m really pleased with how well behaved and receptive our girls were. They really did our community and school proud. It was lovely to see our students in a corporate environment and really excited about what their future could hold.”

Selfies with Amelia and Grace and being interviewed like stars were among the many highlights of the day. More photographs available on our news section, click here to view.