Judgement Day

GA Judgement Day 04

Secondary School itself and living in today’s world of apps and social media can make life challenging for our youth. The Student Leaders recently took part in the beginning of their Leadership Level 2 training, whichbrought to light many topics including ‘Judgement’.

In order to develop a greater sense of who they are and why they act and feel the way they do, they studied where does bullying come from? where do most mental health issues come from? why do friendships break down? relationships crumble? online mistakes get made? Most of these can be answered in one word: Judgement!

We live in a world where self-°©‐‑esteem and confidence comes from how others judge us. Whether this is at school in our day to day lives, or how we are viewed on Instagram or Facebook…everyone is looking for the approvalof others.

In the first session, students explored the ‘voice inside their head’ and developed their own ideals about whether these voices or judgements were themselves or whether they were influenced by thoughts from family, friends, media, religion etc. Students could see that the thoughts, whether they were negative or not, did not define them…only they can define who they are through their day-°©‐‑to-°©‐‑day choices. It was a very powerful start to the day.

The second session saw students exploring the topic ‘how others really view me.’ Students were invited to walk into the front foyer of the school where they found a balloon with their name on it. The challenge was set; students needed to tie positive judgements and phrases around everyone else’s balloons for the next 30 minutes.

Lead teacher for the Student Leadership Team, Miss Megan Koprash, said “It was a beautiful moment, looking around and seeing students thinking about the good things in others and taking the time to tell them. It was a new way at looking at judgement. At the end of the session, students were encouraged to read their messages and take these thoughts home with them.”

The final session saw Acting Head of School, Mr Nathan Hunnisett, lead an incredible session where students really reflected on who they are and how they judge themselves. They finished the day with ‘I STAND FOR’ videos, which were empowering and encouraging. They expressed who they are and how they would make an impact on others at our school with what they learned.

Reflecting on the day, a student leader said, “Thank you for today – I really have learned a lot. I have ADHD, Tourette’s and other challenges in my life. I walk around thinking that people judge me for this. I have always thought that because I am different, I’m not as good as everyone else. Today has made me realise that people don’t always think of me in this way. I will keep the messages on my balloon forever; especially to look back on during those tougher days.”

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