Staff List

Mr K Sadler Chief Executive Officer
Gateway Learning Community
Senior Leadership Team 
Mrs G McLaughlin Head of School
Mr R Heighway

Vice Principal : Responsible for Curriculum

Mr N Hunnisett Vice Principal:  Responsible for Teaching and Learning
Mr J Moruzzi Vice Principal: Responsible for Ethos
Progress Lead
Ms B Mead  Year 7 Progress Lead/Dance                                    
Ms A Shannon

Year 8 Progress Lead/PE                  

Ms U Steenkamp

Year 9 Progress Lead/English
Mr N Concannon Year 10 Progress Lead/Geography
Mr A Dixon Year 11 Progress Lead/Dance
Lead Coaches(Progress)
Mrs C Bettle Year 7
Mrs T Dixon Year 8 
Mr H Rodell Year 9   
Mrs A Fuller Year 10   
Mrs K Palmer Year 11   
Deputy Progress Leads
Ms D Robertson Year 7, PE, 7A Tutor
Mr M Scott Year 8, Health & Social Care, 8A Tutor
Mr D Norris Year 9, Maths
Ms A Chalmers Year 10, 10A Tutor, PE 
Ms J Bruce Year 11, English/Drama, 11A Tutor
Teaching Staff
Mrs E Akumanyi Technology, 9D Tutor 
Ms S Ali     English, 9E Tutor
Mrs S Amir  Science, 8H Tutor
Mrs S Balmer English, KS4 Intervention 
Mrs F Bouretaa Head of MFL, 10F Tutor
Ms G Bradford English, 7C Tutor
Mrs T Bryant Assistant Principal responsible for child protection/Safeguarding and Mental Health
Mr F Burton English, 11A Tutor
Ms J Cassettari Art, 7B Tutor
Miss E Cecil  History 
Mrs C Chibanda Science 
Mr M Clark Head of PE, 8D Tutor
Mrs A Clark-Irons Curriculum Plus, 9A Tutor
Mr A Coetsee Geography, 10B Tutor
Ms J Croton  Science, 9F Tutor
Ms S Curtis Other
Miss J Curran History, 10G Tutor
Miss E Davis Trainee Teacher English, 11C Tutor
Mr C Fanning Assistant Principal, Science
Ms K French Music, EAL
Ms N Gazzard Science, 7G Tutor
Ms K Hardey  Maths, 8B Tutor
Mrs J Hill Head of Arts Faculty, 11E Tutor, Tues-Fri
Mrs L Hunt  History, Assistant Principal responsible for SEND
Ms R Horn Science, 10C Tutor 
Mr P Jacob ICT, 8E Tutor
Mrs O Jaiyeoba   Maths, 8H Tutor
Mr N Jones Head of Computer Science & ICT, 11D Tutor
Mrs L Kelly Head of Maths Faculty / Director of Science/Assistant Principal
M M Kamutero Trainee teacher, 9G Tutor
Ms L Louw Maths, 10H Tutor
Mr B Lovelock  Head of Technology, 8F Tutor
Ms M Maborukoje Trainee teacher, 9C Tutor
Ms C Maniscalco MFL Teacher, 7H Tutor
Mr A Mitchell  English
Miss M Moon Science, 8C Tutor
Ms J Mcmanus Lead Practioner, Maths, 11C Tutor
Ms L Mudzingwa Maths, 11B Tutor
Miss J Odewole Business, 7D Tutor
Mrs B Olufemi Maths, 10E Tutor
Mr N Pandy Maths, 9I Tutor
Ms I Paraiwa Engligh, 11H Tutor
Ms H Platt Music, 7F Tutor
Ms R-M Payne Trainee teacher, 8A Tutor
Miss T Reynolds  English, Reading Intervention
Mrs A Rus  Maths, 9C Tutor
Mr C Russell PE
Mrs S Shaw Assistant Principal: oversees ELT & ITT, History
Ms R Skeet Art, 9B Tutor
Ms L Slater Science, 10A Tutor
Mr M Scott PE, Health & Social Care, 7H Tutor
Ms R Thomas  Lead Practitioner of Dance, 11E Tutor
Ms N Ullah Humanities, 8G Tutor
Mr S B Ward Curriculum Plus, 11F Tutor
Mr C Way Head of Business, 11G Tutor
Mrs D Webster RS
Mr J Williams PE Teacher, 10D Tutor
Mr D Zeffie  Assistant Principal: Inclusion

Learning Support Assistants / Liaison / Group EWO /

Group SENCo / SENCo / Inclusion

Mr S Blake Education support staff
Mrs A Brenchley  LSA, 8E Tutor Support
Mrs K Clarke SENCO
Mrs J Cox  CP Support
Mrs T Earey  HLTA English, Cover
Ms J Lee LSA
Mrs S O'Dwyer Student Engagement Leader, Admissions
Mrs T Passingham Student Support and Wellbeing
Mr P Salter Student Support and Wellbeing
Ms A Tobin HTLA
Mrs C Whitbread Child Protection Officer, Academy Liaison Officer
Cover Supervisors
Mrs A Earp Cover Supervisor, 9A Tutor
Mrs R Reynolds Cover Supervisor, 7E Tutor
Attendance Manager
Miss K Newton  
GLC Attendance Ambassadors
Ms E Buglione  
Mrs L Chilvers  
Mrs L Lee  
Miss N Reynolds  
Student Services
Ms L Smith Student services, Librarian
Office Staff/Administration
Ms E Buglione Admin Office
Ms S Byrne Clerical
Mrs K Creighton PA the the CEO & Office Manager 
Mr D Davison EWO Gateway Learning Community
Mrs N Steel PA to wider SLT, First Aid Coordinator
Mrs J Jaffa PA to Head of School/Vice Principles
Mrs D Locke Cover Coordinator/Exams
Mrs D Paterson Receptionist
Miss S Vickers Student Attainment Assistant
Ms C Bettle SEND Admin
Finance Team
Mrs J Jones GLC Finance Director
Mrs J Salter Finance Supervisor
Ms Gibson Finance Assistant
Technical Services/Reprographics
Mrs S Humphries Head of Reprographics 
Ms R Pastfield Reprographics Assistant (Part Time)
Library / Learning Resource Centre  
Mrs G Scott Senior Librarian 
Ms L Smith Library & Student Services
GLC Chief Technology Officer
Mr R Summerhayes GLC Chief Technology Officer
GLC Design & Visual Resources
Ms A Edwards Science
Mrs C Brown Art
Mrs J Daly Food Technology
Mrs S Hall Senior ICT Technician
Mr D March Technology Technician
Ms A Agunbiade  IT Support Officer
Work Experience & Educational Visits Co-ordinator
Work Experience:
Maria Taylor, Careers Co-ordinator

Educational Visits:
See Head of School, Mrs McLaughlin

Site Team
Mrs M Earey Site Manager
Mr C Spall  
Mr L Spall GLC Premises Manager, H&S Coordinator
Catering Manager
Ms S Kempton  
Catering Staff
Miss A Buckwell  
Mrs S Burgess  
Mrs S Chapman  
Mrs H Davis  
Miss L Dunne  
Ms Z Fullerton  
Miss M Halliday  
Mrs J McAllister  
Mrs M Nicholls  
Ms C Ravenhill  
Miss A Steward  
Cleaning Supervisor
Mrs T Williams  
Cleaning Staff
Mr W Brenchley  
Ms D Brooks  
Mrs K Brooks  
Mr T Buckwell  
Ms C Duff  
Mrs D Henry  
Mr M Kerin  
Ms M-A Furner  
Mrs P Miah  
Miss J Palmer  
Ms L Saunders