Staff List

The Gateway Academy & Gateway Primary Free School
April 2014

Mr K Sadler

Chief Executive Officer Gateway Learning Community

Heads of College

Mr H Breese

Green College

Mr R Jones

Yellow College

Miss J McManus

Red College

Mrs R Pullen

Blue College

Teaching Staff

Mrs A Arnold

Deputy Headteacher – Primary Free School

Mrs F Bouretaa

MFL / Humanities

Ms R Boyle


Ms J Bridge


Mrs T Bryant

Head of English

Ms A Chalmers


Ms R Chapman

Cover Supervisor

Mr M Clark


Mr A Clarke


Ms A Clark-Irons


Mr N Concannon


Ms J Court

Primary Free School Reception Lead Teacher

Miss S Cronin

GLC Director of ICT

Ms A Dixon

NQT Dance

Ms R Doran

All through Director of Literacy & GLC Director of Reading & Oracy

Mr S Durkin

(Acting Principal – Week 1) Vice Principal - Teaching

Mr J Emblem

NQT Science

Mrs S Fletcher

Assistant Principal – English & Maths

Mr K Fulljames

Primary Free School Teacher

Mr R Foster

Head of Arts Faculty

Mr J Galbraith

Primary Free School Year 1 Teacher

Miss D Gray


Miss M Green


Ms L Hall-Pearson

Food Technology

Ms K Hardey


Mr R Heighway

Vice Principal - Achievement

Mrs J Hill

Head of Art/Gifted & Talented Co-ordinator

Miss L Homer


Ms J Hughes


Mr N Hunnisett

(Acting Principal – Week 2) Vice Principal – Ethos

Mrs E Huxtable

2nd in Science

Mr O Jaiyeoba


Ms K Jenkins


Mr N Jones


Miss L Kelly

Head of Maths

Miss M Koprash

Head of Sixth Form

Mrs S Lister

Assistant Principal - Transition

Ms J Lloyd

Primary Free School Teacher

Mr R Long

Primary Free School Sports Instructor

Mr T Martin

Head of School – Primary Free School

Ms C Matthews

Head of ICT Faculty

Ms F McLeod

Primary Teacher GLC

Ms C McGrotty

Primary Free School Teacher

Miss C McNally

GTP Science

Mr R McWilliams


Ms C Moffatt

Assistant Principal – Curriculum Delivery

Mr J Moruzzi

Head of Enterprise

Mrs S Newton

Assistant SENCO

Mrs S Page

Maths Excellence Team GLC

Ms S Patel


Miss M Pearson

Primary Free School Teacher

Mr J Pedley


Mrs L Perez


Mr J Power

Primary Free School Teacher

Mrs S Read


Ms J Robinson


Mrs F Roche

Head of Science

Mrs A Shannon

Head of PE

Mrs S Shaw

Head of Humanities

Mr L Simpson


Mr A Smith


Mr M Smith


Mr M Smith

Health & Social Care

Mr W Smith


Mrs J Sullivan

Assistant SENCO

Mr J Temby


Miss R Thomas

Head of Dance

Mrs J Thomasson


Mr B Tobin

Maths Teacher / KS4 Coordinator

Miss R Venus

NQT Maths

Mrs B Walker

Health & Social Care

Ms A Wheeler

Primary Free School Teacher

Ms S White

Head of Music

Mr P Wood

Technology Teacher

Mr D Zeffie

Assistant Principal - Intervention

Mrs H Zeffie

ICT & Business Studies

Learning Support Assistants/Liaison/Advocacy Team/EWO

Ms N Allen

Primary Free School

Miss C Billingham

Primary Free School

Mrs A Brenchley


­­­­­Ms G Chisnall


Ms T Clarke


Mrs T Cosans


Mrs J Cox


Ms S Curtis


Miss E Davies

Primary Free School

Mr D Davison


Ms T Dixon


Mrs T Earey


Mr J Earp


Miss R England

Primary Free School

Mrs P Farnsworth


Mrs A Fuller


Ms L Gant


Mrs K Gittleson


Ms V Harrold

Primary Free School

Miss E Maccabe

Primary Free School

Mrs L Malovcova


Mr P Salter

Reflection Zone Co-ordinator

Mrs J Singh


Mrs D Spriggs

Head of Advocacy

Mrs S Tooley

LSA Primary Free School

Mrs C Tucker


Mrs L Tucker


Mrs P Yeldham


Cover Supervisors

Mrs A Earp


Mr P Forecast


Mr G Reilly


Student Wellbeing Coordinators

Ms C Bettle


Ms T Passingham


Site Team

Mr B Crowhurst


Mrs M Earey

Site Manager

Mrs S Gibbons


Mr B Newton

Site Assistant/Lettings Receptionist

Mr D Pollard


Mr L Spall

GLC Premises Manager

Mr D Starns


Mr R Whyte


Extended Services Managers

Mrs J Bacon


Mrs L Fugl


Inclusion Leaders

Mrs A Dey


Mrs B King


Ms K Sunshine


Ms C Whitbread


Attendance Officers

Mrs C Abbott


Mrs L Bond


GLC Attendance Ambassadors

Ms D Buglione


Miss K Chapman


Ms J Clarke


Ms L Lee


Mr D Mortimer


Ms N Reynolds


Ms C Turner


Student Services

Mrs C Bartley


Office Staff/Administration

Mrs P Box

SEN Secretary

Ms J Davies


Mrs J Jaffa

PA to Principal

Mrs D Locke

Cover Coordinator/Data Assistant

Ms K Luckin

Admin Assistant Primary Free School

Miss R Passfield

Admin Assistant

Mrs D Paterson


Mrs D Wright

HR & Lettings Manager

Mrs S Watkinson

Secretary / First Aid Co-ordinator

Admissions Officer

Mrs J Howard


Business Director

Miss S Ventham


Finance Officers

Mrs J Jones

Finance Manager

Mrs J Salter


Mrs L Thorne




Student Services Manager/Examinations Officer

Mrs B Stone


Technical Services Manager

Mrs S Humphries

Reprographics Assistant

Mrs J Starns


Learning Resource Centre

Mrs P Maher


Mrs G Scott


Mrs S Smith


GLC Communications Officer / GLC Websites / GLC PR & Marketing

Mrs A King


GLC Chief Technology Officer

Mr R Summerhayes


VLE Manager

Mrs L Chapman


Data Manager

Ms S Sanders



Miss S Brenchley

Senior ICT Technician

Mr T Couves


Mrs J Daly


Ms J Davis


Ms K Heath

Apprentice ICT Technician

Miss L Houlton


Mrs A Jones

Raising Standards Assistant

Mr O Nice

Apprentice – Sound & Lighting

Mrs J Rogers

Senior Science Technician

Work Experience Co-ordinator & Educational Visits Co-ordinator

Ms M Gray


PCT Team

Ms M Demby


Ms G Fitzgerald


Ms K Jackson


Ms N Pitt


Ms N Nsubuga


Ms H Rhodes


Catering Manager

Mrs S Eaton



Mrs L Barker


Mrs A Buckwell


Mrs S Burgess


Mrs S Chapman


Mrs K Cubitt


Mrs H Davis


Ms L Dunne


Mrs Z Lloyd


Mrs S Mann


Mrs J McAllister


Mrs M Nicholls


Miss R Price


Ms A Steward


Cleaning Supervisor

Mrs T Williams


Cleaning Staff

Mr P Carroll


Ms M Cosans


Mrs E Kerin


Mr M Kerin


Miss J Miah


Mrs P Miah


Mr J Monk


Miss J Palmer


Miss L Passey