Reflections - IRIS Connect

Iris Connect empowers teachers to have more responsibility for their professional development, grow in confidence and experience positive outcomes in lesson observations and collaborating with peers.

Using their intuitive online platform and mobile video cameras, they can turn lesson observations into development opportunities. Their aim is to radically improve continuing professional development to enable the types of learning that research has shown to support teachers and improve outcomes.

At the Gateway Academy, we are passionate about coaching and encourage our staff to be self-reflective and to constantly look for ways to improve practice and outcomes for our young people.

We have recently invested in a piece of software and kit that has enabled us to safely and securely video teacher practice for professional development and CPD reasons only.*

Iris Connect works together with the Academy to support us in developing an ethos of self-reflection and professional development. A recent survey of all the schools explained that a healthy 95% of teacher agreed that the videoing of their practice and the coaching that follows had helped them improve their practice.

*All video footage is kept on secure and trusted servers that never enter the public domain. The filming of teaching is strictly for professional development and satisfies our polices on keeping young people safe. Students that do not have permission to be filmed are blurred out. Footage is never shared outside the academy and cannot be downloaded or captured.

"I would highly recommend IRIS to all colleagues in the Gateway Academy.  This technology has allowed me the opportunity to reflect on my own teaching in an unique way.  Although daunting, I am glad I went through with it and I have been able to implement changes in my practice and I have already felt an improvement in my teaching." Aaron