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All year 6 pupils applying for a secondary school place must apply directly to the Thurrock Council Education Department from 1 September 2014 - closing date is 31 October 2014. Click here to enter the website. A late application means there will be far less chance of your child being offered a place at the school you want.

The Governing Body of The Gateway Academy has established a policy which details very strict criteria for admissions and gives priority to siblings and those living closest to the Academy. Applications for admission in Year 7 must be sent to the Local Authority by the published deadline.  It is the responsibility of the Local Authority to apply the Academy’s policy and to fully administer the process. It is important to note that the Academy does not play any part in this process and has no power to veto or select individual students.

If the Academy is oversubscribed, parents have the right of appeal. They are invited to submit an Appeal Form to the Independent Appeals Clerk who will arrange an Appeal Panel and notify the parents of the date of the Appeal. The Appeal Panel will be independent of the Academy and will be composed of three members who will include at least one lay member and at least one person with experience in education who is acquainted with educational conditions in the area, or who is the parent of a registered student at a school. It is important to note that the Academy does not play any part in this process either and has to accept the decision of the Independent Appeal Panel.

The Gateway Academy is an 11-18 school with the capacity for 7 forms of entry in Years 7-8 and 6 forms of entry in Years 9-11. This means that in 2014, The Gateway Academy is able to admit no more than 210 students in Year 7.

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