Inter College / College Challenge

At the Academy, we aim to offer students a variety of different competitions where they can earn points for their tutor group and in turn their college. All points add towards our end of year celebration assembly where awards are given to the college with the most points dependent on their attendance of events and also how they succeed with each of these events.

Details of the next college challenge is below:

College Challenge 13th November 2018
•Students MUST inform their college co-ordinators/college reps/student wearing their college’s badges by 9 November whether they would like to participate (which will mean that certain students will miss PAD).
•The selected students will be notified and will partake in the following events:
•Blindfolded Pictionary (4 from each college from each key stage) one person describes the picture and one draws it
•Big Ball challenge (10 from each college from each key stage) will pass big balloon to each other in limit time.
•Hungry Hippo (3 from each college from each key stage) Like ‘The hungry hippo’ game but with people
•Escape Room (4 people needed from each college from each key stage)
Quick sharp logical minds needed for this challenge


Inter College Events

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