Inter College / College Challenge

At the Academy, we aim to offer students a variety of different competitions where they can earn points for their tutor group and in turn their college. All points add towards our end of year celebration assembly where awards are given to the college with the most points dependent on their attendance of events and also how they succeed with each of these events.

Current timetable below:


Basketball Free Throws




Cross country

Easter Holidays 3rd -13th April


The Arts


Dodge Ball



Half term 28th May- 1st June


Tug of War





For every student who attends the inter-college competition they receive one point, as does each member of staff who attends. Each competition is graded 1st – 4th with the winner receiving a further 10 points and 8, 6 and 4 for the respective places. There are awards given out to the college with the best attendance of both staff and students and also awards given to the college who has won most events throughout the year.

To ensure that students feel confident in attending, there are different nights after school on offer for our Key Stage 3 students and Key Stage 4 students who participate on Tuesdays and Thursdays respectively.

The competition runs every week and a timetable of what is on offer can be viewed in the PE department and can be downloaded on the left hand side of this page.

During Week 1, the Academy’s faculties take it in turns to offer competitions that the students can work on. During Week 2, the PE department offer different sports throughout the calendar year; often run in line with the sports being participated within lessons at the time.

Inter College Events

Inter College 20 Jan 00 Inter College 20 Jan 01 Inter College 20 Jan 03
Inter College 20 Jan 04 Inter College 20 Jan 05 Inter College 20 Jan 06
Inter College 20 Jan 07  Inter College 20 Jan 08
Inter College 20 Jan 10  Inter College 20 Jan 09