Jump Up Club

May Half Term

This May half term saw sixty students from across the Gateway Learning Community take part in the Jump Up programme, held at the Gateway Academy

The Jump Up programme is a unique way in which key skills in Maths, English and Science can be developed upon whilst aiding the transition from the GLC primary schools through to the secondary Gateway Academy.

The week involved the students completing a series of activities that built upon their core literacy and numeracy skills. Students spent time constructing 3-D shapes, investigating polyominoes (squares and dominoes), analysing various sources of literature, investigating the reaction of metals whilst under a flame and an array of team building activities that combined the arts and brought out their creative genius and stretched their confidence on the climbing wall.

Mr Huw Breese and Mrs Tracey Passingham, Jump Up course coordinators, said “The students behaved impeccably well and were a credit to their primary schools. Each student received a certificate of participation and awards were given in the shape of reading books to winning teams. Over 96% of students surveyed stated they found the learning environment excellent and over 93% of students stated they were challenged throughout the week. The Academy looks forward to working with the students again in October.”

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