Head of Faculty - Mrs J Hill
More Able - Mrs J Hill

Key Stage 3

Our current Key Stage 3 curriculum is developed in order to provide our students with a broad range of musical experiences which, in turn, provides an excellent foundation should students wish to study the subject to GCSE level and beyond.

Students will investigate three core strands of music, performance, composition and listening and appraising, through studying a variety of musical styles.  Across the curriculum students experience these concepts as individuals as well as in groups and as part of whole class ensemble.  Our current schemes of learning cover the following;

Year 7

The Elements of Music

  •          Building an understanding of the basic elements of all music; dynamics, timbre, tempo, texture, rhythm, silence, structure and pitch

Keyboard Skills

  •          Developing instrument specific skills, including the use of correct fingering and hand position.
  •          Reading standard music notation.
  •          Appraising of own and others' performances

Classical Fusion

  •         Introducing and recognising orchestral instruments through listening
  •         Investigating how orchestral instruments are used across a variety of genres
  •         Performance of 'fusion' pieces as a whole class and small groups

World Music

  •         Investigating how music is used around the world, specifically in African Drumming and Samba
  •         Call &  Response and Improvisation

Blues & Jazz

  •          Understanding basic chord construction and chord sequences
  •         Developing rhythm reading skills - swing and dotted rhythms
  •         Developing improvisation skills

Signature Themes

  •         Building melodic writing skills - music to create a mood
  •         Developing use of timbre and structure in composition
  •         Discussing and evaluating music using musical vocabulary

Year 8

Music & Media

  •        Composition skills development; melody writing; use of chords; chromaticism; leitmotif
  •        Developing listening analysis skills
  •        Composing with specific intentions considering; intended audience, atmosphere

Band Skills

  •        Performing as part of a whole class using popular instruments
  •        Reading of non-standard notations; bass and guitar tab, chord diagrams, lead sheets
  •        Developing and understanding the important of successful rehearsal techniques

Songwriting & Performance

  •         Building upon group skills gained during previous unit to work as part of a small group to produce a finished performance
  •         Planning, rehearsing and presenting a finished performance independently