Head of Faculty - Mrs J Hill
Head of Dance - Miss R Thomas
More Able (G&T) - Mrs J Hill

Dance is a valuable part of a student’s curriculum. Through years 7-13 they can gain more knowledge and understanding of the professional world of Performing Arts and extend their understanding of dance technique. The physical activity promotes healthy lifestyle and well-being and many important life skills are acquired in study including creative thinking, determination, confidence and self-esteem.

Key Stage 3

In Year 7 Students are given an introduction to Dance and the popular styles within the subject. Styles include Kathak, Lindy Hop, Street, Ballet, Contemporary and Ballroom. References to different cultures enable them to understand why different countries have a specific and unique dance style. In Years 8, contemporary dance is studied more in depth and the use of contact work is introduced. Popular dance and creative choreography units of work are also present in both years. Technique is consistent throughout all Key Stage 3 lessons as it is the most important factor in becoming a successful performer.

Key Stage 4

Exam Board: AQA Topics covered Choreography, Performance and Technique, Written paper and Set Dance

Assessment: Carried out by external examination for the written paper and Set Dance units. Both Choreography and Performance and Technique units are moderated in March.

Key Stage 5:

Exam Board: AQA Topics covered: Performance and Technique, Choreography, Professional work and Contextual areas of study.

Assessment: Year 12 practical work is moderated and students also have a written paper. Year 13 work is externally examined.


Dance provides many extra-curricular activities which seek to foster imagination and creativity, promoting personal, social, spiritual, moral and cultural development. There are 2 extra-curricular clubs for Keys Stage 3 and a Gifted and Talented dance club for Key Stages 4 & 5. There is also the opportunity at Key Stage 4 for students who didn’t choose GCSE Dance as an option to study this to gain an added qualification. Intervention classes are available to students at Key Stages 4 & 5 to support them with both their practical and theoretical work. Various high profile performances are produced throughout the year, in order for students to gain as much large audience performance exposure as possible. Students are given the opportunity at Key Stages 4 & 5 to take part in professional workshops and projects, where a resident company would work with the students within school or at an alternative location, including; Universities, The Royal House and Pineapple Dance Studios. 

Year 7


Dance Styles – Street, Lindy Hop, Kathak, Contemporary, Ballroom, Ballet.

Skills – energy, confidence, self-esteem, team work, collaborative learning, unison, canon, stylistic qualities, background understanding



Skills  - rhythm, coordination, background understanding, direct correlation of music to dance

Performance – It’s Showtime

Skills – contact, reflection, focus, stamina, perseverance



Skills – choreographic devices, motif, analyse, motif and its developments

Year 8


Girls: Dance through the movies – Street (Honey), Bollywood (Slumdog Millionaire, Contemporary (Save the last dance).

Skills – independent and collaborative learning, technique, alignment, posture and  stylistic qualities

Boys: The Matrix – Martial Arts

Skills - independent and collaborative learning, technique, posture, alignment and stylistic qualities


Performance – It’s Showtime

Skills – technique,  structure, reflection


Professional Works – Swansong, Rosas danst rosas, DV8 (Enter Achilles)

Skills – analytical, independent and collaborative thinking and learning, choreography, choreographic pioneers (using style to create movement)