Art & Design

Head of Faculty - Mrs J Hill
More Able (G&T) - Mrs J Hill

Art and Design

The Art department promotes fun, effective and skillful learning that inspires and challenges students.  Every student is given a varied curriculum to ensure progress in both 2D and 3D design.

Key Stage 3

In KS3 Art all students have the opportunity to experience a broad range of creatively engaging skills and techniques. Our schemes of work for years 7 and 8 ensure that all students have the opportunity to learn new skills following on from the basics taught at KS2 as well as incorporating whole school strategies such as, literacy, oracy, numeracy, ICT skills and SMSC.

Students are encouraged to reflect critically on their work and their peers so that they can identify weaknesses and understand improvements that need to be made to progress to the next level. 

Key Stage 4

In Key Stage 4 students begin the course by investigating their first project of Natural forms of which all students produce a concertina board displaying arrange of different skillful techniques. The topic of natural forms is taught in structured way as to develop students key drawing skills at all levels such as mapping out, shading, proportion, scale and composition. This then prepares students for their 2nd project, which is a more independent project “The Body” 

For they second project students are encouraged to develop an independent working style as well as promoting problem solving, self reflective, deeper learning, presentation and the confidence to take risks in their work. As well as learning a number of new artistic skills that can be applied to their work. All students will produce a sketchbook of work as well as a final piece (produced in a 10 Hour Mock exam)

More Able (formerly Gifted and Talented)

  • Differentiated activities and extended questioning
  • After school clubs
  • Art master class with local artist
  • Extension tasks
  • Encourage independent working

Help and support

  • Art club
  • Letters home
  • Calls home
  • Interventions
  • Drawing aids
  • ICT
  • Pizza Night

To allow our students to strive towards outstanding results, every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday there is a Art club until 4.30pm. This gives the students a chance to work with the department staff on areas that need improving. 

KS3 Outline

Here is an outline of what we expect to cover with the students. It is possible that some groups will cover the material at a different pace as we want the students to have a good understanding and can demonstrate techniques before moving on.  

Year 7



Core skills

Colour- Students will learn about primary, secondary and

complementary colours

Tone- Students will demonstrate and understand how to draw the effect that light has on an object and students will learn how to successfully apply different tones, gradations and shades.


Cubism and Texture

Students will apply their prior core skills to produce a Cubist landscape of local landscapes with the inspiration of cubist artists George Braque and Pablo Picasso

Students will learn about texture and how to use tone and line to draw texture realistically.

Students will finialise their project by producing a design that is influenced by their cubist landscape, which will then be developed to be made out of clay.

Students will learn the basic techniques as well as health and safety of clay

Home learning

Students will produce a front page, artist research page, a Cubist superhero, and a clay design


African Art

Students will learn to paint effectively. They will apply their core skills and develop them in to a painted African Landscape.

Students will learn about Africa, its cultures and the differences to British cultures.

Students will finalise their project by designing and making a 3D African mask.


Hundertwasser project

Students will investigate the work of Hundertwasser and landmark Buildings in London to produce a landscape using Pop Art style.

Students will develop an independent way of working by selecting their own designs, pattern and colours to create their work and translate this into an abstract piece of art out of clay

Home learning

Produce a front cover for their project

  • Students will research the works of Hundertwasser to produce a fact page
  • Students will select their favorite piece of Hundertwassers work and reproduce the work using paint/ coloring pencil.
  • Students to produce a collage of images of images to create a landscape of iconic images of London.

Year 8



Funky fish

Students will look at accurate mathematical proportions to complete a drawing of a realistic fish of their choice

Students will also demonstrate this using effective shading with pencil and colouring pencils to produce tones and shading to create realistic features of light on the fish.

Students will also look at the Pointillism movement in art and its history as well as being influenced by Aboriginal dot painting and contemporary artist Damien Hirst to produce an under the sea fish scene out of dots using paint

Students will be influenced by their prior funky fish research and work and design a 3D design out of clay.

Students will learn about the technical details of how to build, join and form a relief clay piece.

  • Home learning
  • Students will produce a front cover looking at designing their own typography in the style of funky fish.
  • Produce a fish collage created out of scrap paper
  • Design Zentagle inspired fish looking at mapping out, patterns and range of lines and mark making.



Students will have a better understanding of portrait artists, proportion, scale and accuracy.

Students will develop their mapping out skills by creating a grid method and sketching style to draw their chosen portrait of either themselves or a celebrity portrait.

Students will use their drawing template to produce a Pop Art style portrait as well as having a better understanding of the Pop Art movement and artists.

Home learning

Presentation: Students will produce a front cover based on their topic looking at design a font, relevant images

Complete pop art portrait

Comple a research page on the Pop Art movement

Design a zentangle style portrait of a celebrity


The Body

Students will have a better understanding of the Abstract movement in art and artists involved to produce art work based on the body.

Students will look at illusion and how they can produce illusion using their hand and lines.

Students will produce a realistic drawing of an eye focusing on tone and shading

Students will finalise their project by looking at the body cells and how they can be translated in to art. Students will focus on scale, sizing up, creating a piece of abstract art that is repeated to create a pattern.