Ormiston Trust is proud to be a sponsor of the Gateway Academy.

From September 2006, we have been part of the team helping to build the new Academy. We agreed with the DfES that our sponsorship will be spent on developing extended school projects rather than being invested in bricks & mortar. The Gateway Academy is therefore the first in the country to have such an opportunity.

Our vision of a fully developed extended school is to involve students, parents, teachers, businesses, other schools/colleges, Thurrock Council, other voluntary agencies and members of the local community and by working together, all can benefit. High academic attainment for students is of course important but beyond this we wish to have happy, motivated children, who enjoy good relationships with their peers, teachers, and parents. Projects and programmes before school, after school and during school holidays will present opportunities for school and community interaction, which will enhance student attainment and fulfilment. These will encompass the 'Every Child Matters' principles of health, safety, enjoyment, achievement, wellbeing and positive contribution.

We welcome and will assist 'Community Champions' and those who wish to develop new initiatives whether for sports, arts, recreational, social, IT or for whatever purpose as long as they improve the lives of children, parents and local people.

Ormiston Trust was founded in 1965, in memory of Peter Murray’s sister Fiona Ormiston Murray. Ormiston Trust is a grant giving charity, which works closely with operational charities. The first was the Ormiston Children & Families Trust which today works with children across East Anglia in many different settings towards the 'Every Child Matters' objective.

Ormiston Trust supports children in schools through sponsorship of City Academies and the Ormiston Academies Trust. Ormiston Trust’s aim is to work with teachers, parents and the community to help children reach their full potential and aspirations.

The Gateway Academy is the first academy to be sponsored by Ormiston Trust and its aim is to help The Gateway Academy become an outstanding community full service extended school, delivering excellent education, care and services to students and families, and playing a key part in the local community.

Peter Murray
Chair of the Board of the Ormiston Trust

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