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The 2016-17 Student Leadership Team has been chosen and we have many
exciting events happening and on the horizon!

After careful student to student interviews, we have a core team of 40 extraordinary students suited and booted in gold ready to represent the Academy this academic year. It is exciting to welcome many new faces to our team!

Not only did the existing team carry out interviews, they read applications and trained our new team in 'being a leader' during our Wednesday and Thursday meetings.

We also have 3 dynamic Year 10 student representatives for the Thurrock Youth Cabinet who meet monthly in Grays. It is riveting to see the impact our Student Leaders are making not only in the Academy but in Thurrock as a whole. We will be taking a group of KS4 students to the Thurrock Youth Conference in December to take part in debates and discussions dealing with key issues in our local area! Well done to Ibtisam, Precious and Inessa for being excellent role models for the Gateway Academy in our community.

In addition to the Youth Cabinet, we are still heavily involved in the Thurrock’s Next Top Boss Challenge! Last year’s Student Leadership Team named 'Team Beyond' were invited to attend Intu Lakeside’s VIP Grand Opening of their Winter Wonderland! Our students were heavily involved in exploring marketing, promotions and sales of the ice rink  as well as the Christmas Market. They worked for months to create a vision and business plan for Marc Myers, CE0 of Lakeside and his marketing team.

There was nothing better than seeing their hard work actually come to life. “This is the most memorable thing I have done in my time at Gateway Academy” said Jasleen. “I will never forget this,” shared Charlie. These young people were the first to skate on the rink, were filmed for the promotional campaign for the 2017-18 Next Top Boss video and were a core part of Marc’s welcome speech as they open the ice to the public for the first time. “Thank you to the young people at the Gateway Academy for their integral part in marketing this project. We hope we did you proud” shared Mark on this unforgettable night. Topped off with hot chocolate, marshmallows and cream, the Student Leaders left with smiles on their faces and an experience of a lifetime.

We are excited to be taking on the 2017 project as well. A new team have formed and are currently planning weekly to create a business plan for engaging the community with the historical and environmental attributes Davy Down can bring. They will also be working closely with the Cruise Terminal for the Business Challenge! We are looking for another win this academic year.

The Student Leaders just keep giving. One our best projects was one led by Riley; a Student Leader in his first year of the programme. Riley has Asperger’s and felt passionately about raising money for the Autistic society. It was heart-warming to see the Student Leadership team work under Riley’s guidance and management to form a week of activities. Cake sales, duct taping students to the walls and marshmallow challenges all helped raised £240! We are so proud of the team and Riley for planning, developing, promoting and carrying our such a successful series of events. (and the cakes tasted and looked amazing too!)

Things to look out for before Christmas are:

  • Our Shoebox Appeal College Challenge
  • Our 'Leadership in your own Life' Training Day on the 28th November
  • Our Little Havens Christmas Charity Event
  • Our Anti-Bullying Week Sticker Challenge
  • Our Learning Team’s research on engagement in lessons

Excited to see where the team will bring us this year. Good work so far to The Student Leadership Team!


With Miss Koprash at the Ice Skating Rink


Official Opening of Intu Lakeside's Ice Skating Rink and Christmas Market

GA Autism Week2

Raising funds during Autism Week

GA Student Leadership Page 0

Helping Mrs King at Parents' Evening!

Student Leadership Jump Giants

Our visit to Jump Giants!

GA Student Leadership Page 1

Raising funds for Coeliac UK!



What we have done this term…

  • All student leaders have taken part in a written application, interview and practical assessment to be chosen for the team.
  • 3 full days of leadership training to accomplish Leadership Level 1 Certificate.
  • This year we have a more diverse team with 4 students who are disadvantaged and others with SEN needs.
  • Emily M was passionate about raising money for coeliac UK and we ran a very successful event where student leaders baked cakes, raising £160 and awareness about gluten free foods. Coeliac UK were so impressed that they have asked us to be part of their promotional pack for schools and other companies as we are the first school to contact them.
  • Anti-bullying project included: Poetry read all of anti-bullying written by students on the tannoy, stickers to promote anti-bullying, inspirational videos and having a poster competition. 
  • Big Brother room to be launched for student voice and used as an anti-bullying room in January to promote students supporting students.
  • Now in charge of choosing Jack Petchey winners; students have deliberated and decided on the winners from September – December. Also, all students are voting in forms which creates more whole school student voice.
  • All student leaders took part in a Training Day on 'Character' where students generated an idea to start their Welcome Party in the morning; teams of student leadership welcome students at the gates in the mornings. This is something that we are working on making stronger.
  • 'Coppers if you Care' has been our Christmas fundraising event where coppers are collected for prizes for R4U points for forms and colleges who raise the most money. There were events created and organised by student leadership taking place over the 2 weeks in December such as: Coin Stacking, Coin Toss, Coin Curling, Coin Sculptures and Duct Tape a Teacher to the Wall. All proceeds go to Ormiston Families'; a charity which supports our school and students directly.
  • 6 students represented the Thurrock Youth Conference at Purfleet High House speaking and voting on government projects.
  • All after school events such as awards nights and parents evenings have student leadership supporting; in particular the Awards Night where Ibtisam, a student leader, was one of the main hosts of the event.
  • Year 11s are now working on their own projects to support their year group such as leading and running a tuck shop and arranging Comic Relief events in the heart space. They will work on one big project this year and take part in training on Thursday lunches.
  • Next Top Boss – paired up with Intu-Lakeside and Essex and Suffolk Water.

Our next plans…

  • Launch our Big Brother Room.
  • Re-launch student leadership – who are we and how can you have your voice heard.
  • All students to support in adding, changing and creating our 2015/16 vision and pledge.
  • Surprise, Surprise in January.
  • Training every half term towards Level 2 certificates.
  • Big Brother Student Voice room.
  • Hate Crime WOW project.
  • Many, many more great projects not even created yet!
Student Leadership vision Student Leadership pledge

The Gateway Academy would like to celebrate the introduction of our first Student Leadership Team!

Students undertook a challenging process of written applications, interviews and experiential tasks have been completed to earn a place in the Student Leadership Team.

59 students attended Level 1 Leadership Training at The Gateway Academy, with 49 students making the final team, including three Chief Executives; Sam S (Community Engagement), Tia W (C4C) and Harley W (Student Well-Being).

We are very excited about the impact they can make!. Students learned about the qualities of great leaders and explored theories such as Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset and Aspirational Thinking.  We analysed youth leaders such as Pakistan’s Malala and the impact leadership can have in our school, in our future jobs and in our lives. Live Skype calls to Canada and communication challenges created a dynamic and fun day.

In addition, students were set challenges to 'transform' areas of our school. The Student Leadership Team are currently working on projects to improve rewards, consequences for actions and learning.

Student Leadership Team Training

Student Leadership Team 3 Student Leadership workshop 02 Student Leadership Team 0
Student Leadership Team 2 Student Leadership Team 1 Student Leadership workshop 01
Student Leadership workshop 03 Student Leadership workshop 04 Student Leadership workshop 05