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The Student Leadership Team are recruiting! Click on the image below to see what we are all about! If you want to apply, download the application form here.

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The 2017-18 Student Leadership Team

We currently have a core team of 25 extraordinary students suited and booted in gold ready to represent the Academy this academic year. It is exciting to welcome many new faces to our team! Student to student interviews for new members will be conducted soon, so watch this space!

This year we will still be heavily involved in the Thurrock’s Next Top Boss Challenge! Last year’s Student Leadership Team scooped first position which was very exciting and such a reward for all of their hard work! We are really looking forward to getting started again this year, with our winning year 11s mentoring our new contestants! There was nothing better than seeing their hard work actually come to life. “This is the most memorable thing I have done in my time at Gateway Academy” said Jasleen. “I will never forget this,” shared Charlie.

Current Projects:

  • Student Leadership Interviews
  • Student Leadership Staff Awards
  • Thurrock’s Next Top Boss
  • Student Leadership Team Building Day

Previous Projects & Achievements:

All student leaders have taken part in a written application, interview and practical assessment to be chosen for the team.

  • Emily M was passionate about raising money for coeliac UK and we ran a very successful event where student leaders baked cakes, raising £160 and awareness about gluten free foods. Coeliac UK were so impressed that they have asked us to be part of their promotional pack for schools and other companies as we are the first school to contact them.
  • Anti-bullying project included: Poetry read all of anti-bullying written by students on the tannoy, stickers to promote anti-bullying, inspirational videos and having a poster competition.
  • Now in charge of choosing Jack Petchey winners; students have deliberated and decided on the winners from September – December. Also, all students are voting in forms which creates more whole school student voice.
  • 'Coppers if you Care' has been our Christmas fundraising event where coppers are collected for prizes for R4U points for forms and colleges who raise the most money. There were events created and organised by student leadership taking place over the 2 weeks in December such as: Coin Stacking, Coin Toss, Coin Curling, Coin Sculptures and Duct Tape a Teacher to the Wall. All proceeds go to Ormiston Families'; a charity which supports our school and students directly.
  • 6 students represented the Thurrock Youth Conference at Purfleet High House speaking and voting on government projects.
  • All after school events such as awards nights and parents evenings have student leadership supporting; in particular the Awards Night where Ibtisam, a student leader, was one of the main hosts of the event.
  • Next Top Boss – paired up with Intu-Lakeside and Essex and Suffolk Water.

Our next plans…

  • Re-launch student leadership – who are we and how can you have your voice heard.
  • All students to support in adding, changing and creating our 2017/18 vision and pledge.
  • Training every half term towards Level 2 certificates.

There are many, many, more great projects not even created yet!

Student Leadership Team
Meeting Timetable
(Room 2-202)






8am-8.15am (RTL)   Year 11     Year 11
12.45pm-1.10pm (KS3 PAD)   KS3 StLT
(Year 7 & 8)
Whole Team
1.10pm-1.35pm (KS4 PAD)       Year 7-11
Bring lunch with you!
*Year 11 Optional

(Year 9 & 10)

* This is not a compulsory meeting for Year 11 as I am aware that this year you will have academic PADs. However, you may attend if you wish.