Newly Qualified Teacher

Essex Teacher TrainingAt the Gateway Academy, we believe in having the best people working at our school and creating an environment where we can foster those that are new to the teaching profession.  We offer a supportive and comprehensive NQT programme in partnership with Essex Teacher Training. The programme includes a mentor, school induction tutor and weekly CPD catered to the needs of the NQT. The year enables the NQT to embed their teaching practice and develop teaching standards.  

Our expectation of you as a newly qualified teacher:

At the Gateway Academy, we have high expectations of all our colleagues to deliver an outstanding education to our young people.

We understand that life as an NQT can be challenging; you are faced with a new job, increased workloads and new students to learn their names, their abilities and to provide them a quality and worthwhile dialogue of assessment. It is for that reason that we make a promise to support, develop and encourage you to continue your professional development, and get the best out of the pupils in your care.

Organisation, excellent planning, knowing your pupils and achieving a healthy work-life balance are all essential skills and attributes necessary to be successful as an NQT. As a colleague at the Gateway Academy, you can access a wide range of support from our caring team of staff, to a professional team of induction tutors, mentors and lead practitioners. Our Learning Hub is equipped to be a professional learning space with resources, planning and thinking boards, as well as seated areas to have your mentoring meetings in comfort with a hot cup of tea. 


NQT Advice and Tips

  1. Get out of your classroom
  2. Go observe all your worst classes - pupils
  3. Have lots of chats and tea with other staff and talk about challenging pupils or just to have a natter 
  4. Go to Talk Thursday 
  5. Don't get down about a bad lesson reflect on your lessons and aim to make them better next time

Denise Gray – Art Teacher

  1. Complete all paper work as you go do not leave it until the end of each term.
  2. Get out and observe as many members of staff as you can.
  3. Always ask for help people will be happy to give support so why not use it.
  4. Get as many different people in your lesson to observe.
  5. Make sure you have a cut-off point or have at least 1 day over the weekend where you do not work as this will keep you sane.

Ami Dixon – Dance Teacher

  1. Plan ahead for the two classes you have most on the timetable
  2. Always have an engaging starter
  3. Be relentless- never stop!
  4. Don’t be afraid to fail you won’t learn if you don’t
  5. Set the rules, let everyone know them & stick to them

Nigel Concannon – Humanities Teacher

  1. Have an NQT buddy to moan at/with. It really, really helps.
  2. Make sure your teaching is good before worrying about folders. Your proof of improvement is in your teaching, not on paper.
  3. Don’t stay too late. There is always more time to do work but you need a life too.
  4. If you’re taking work home to do at weekends, get it done in the morning. You have evenings in the week, it’s nice to get an evening to yourself.
  5. Make sure there’s the odd weekend you leave your laptop at school and take it for yourself. ENJOY!

Matt Clark – PE Teacher