Meet the Team


OTP Outstanding Teacher Programme
LM Line Management
MOL Monitoring of Learning
ITT Initial Teacher Training
PD Professional Development
SOW Schemes of Work
NQT Newly Qualified Teacher
More Able Gifted & Talented
IRIS Video Technology for Coaching Staff
PLP Professional Learning Programme
HOF Head of Faculty


Teaching for Learning Team
Roles & Responsibilities
Lisa Clifford
Vice Principal

Clifford, Lisa (Miss)
  • Oversight of Teaching for Learning
  • Line Management of Teaching for Learning Team
  • Line Management of Heads of Faculty for Teaching for Learning
  • Organisation of Monitoring of Learning
  • Organisation of Professional Learning Programme
  • Oversight of Teaching for Learning programmes
  • Oversight of Teaching for Learning induction programmes
  • Marking
  • Homework
  • Assessment
  • Outstanding Teacher Programme
  • Professional Development Leadership Programme
  • Oversight of Schemes of Work

Sarah Shaw
Assistant Principal

Shaw, Sarah

  • Initial Teacher Training Programmes
  • Second Year Teacher Programme
  • Transition
  • Schemes of Work
  • Show my Homework
  • Teaching for Learning Calendar
  • Teaching for Learning breakfasts

Sarah Fletcher
Assistant Principal

Fletcher, Sarah

  • IRIS (Video Technology for coaching staff)
  • New Staff Induction
  • Overseas Induction
  • Newly Qualified Teacher/Trainee Induction
  • Newly Qualified Teacher Programme
  • Teaching for Learning breakfasts
  • Website
  • Social media

George Asiedu
Assistant Principal

Asiedu, George

  • Classroom provision More able
  • Grammar band provision
  • Primary adherence to non-negotiables
  • Schemes Of Work - More Able
  • Task group co-ordination
  • Specialist Professional Learning Programme for non specialists
  • Academic competition events
  • Organise mentoring
  • Transition programme from years 4-6
  • More Able disadvantaged
  • Tweets of the week
  • Teaching for Learning breakfasts