Deep Learning Days

As part of the Gateway Academy’s curriculum offered, students will experience a wide variety of non-traditional learning activities as part of our Deep Learning curriculum.

The Deep Learning curriculum seeks to provide inspirational and outstanding learning experiences for all students.  These experiences will vary between year groups but will range from: trips to venues outside the Academy; visits to the Academy from outside speakers and companies; activities based in one or two subject areas; activities that are based within colleges; intensive revision sessions, and exam preparation. 

Experiences are planned carefully for students so that they complement the learning that occurs within the classroom.  It is important that students attend every day in order to ensure that they get as much as possible from each experience.  Student attendance on these days will be monitored throughout the academic year.

If you have any queries or questions about the Deep Learning curriculum, then please contact Mrs Shaw, Assistant Principal.

DLD1; Wednesday 6 December:

Each year group from Year 7-10 will be focussing on health, wellbeing, aspirations and careers supported by many outside agencies. Year 11 will have a separate timetable.

DLD2; Friday 27 April:

(Trip letters now available to view on the letters home page. Click here to view)

Year 7; Leeds Castle Trip
Year 8; Cadbury's World Trip
Year 9; Paradise Wildlife Park or Focus Day on PE & Business
Year 10; Focus Day on RS and English for exams this year
Year 11; Focus Day on Geography, History, Maths & Science