Gateway Vision

The mission of the Gateway Academy is to offer everyone opportunities to develop as: high achieving, confident, healthy, caring and fulfilled members of society.

Aims of the Gateway Academy

We are an ambitious Academy, keen for all our students to do well.  We seek to be a place of learning, where students and staff work hard and also enjoy themselves.

Among many other things, we aim:-

  • to enable and encourage all our students to realise their full potential and develop their self esteem; 
  • to develop each individual, taking into account specific needs, aspirations and talents, within a context of equality of opportunity for all;
  • to demand from all members of the Academy community a sense of fairness, integrity, tolerance, respect for others and for the environment;
  • to develop a sense of togetherness, characterised by shared values and an enthusiasm for learning;
  • to celebrate success across the full range of worthwhile endeavours;